Own your space

Dear gourgeous you, yes you.
Own your space.
Circular, small or shapeless.
Who cares, no one right?
So, learn to own your space.
Not only with the defense of your words, Make your actions count too.
Know how, where and when to direct your energy.
Your can’t vibe with every soul that comes your way.
Protect and diligently guard your peace.

It took every part of your being to become healed, whole and live again.
Limbing your way to healing was not a walk in the park.
Being vulnerable in the face of a stranger was once a nightmare for you.
You took time counting the stars until you could narrate your story without being emotional.
The same goes for those that seek solace in your embeace, direct them into the path of healing.
They deserve the bitter truth that say, “Before you approach me, let your wounds heal first”.

Don’t allow there emotions of pain to trick you into becoming an enemy of your own heart again.
Don’t let the sweet tounge they inherited from there forefathers place you back to that dark hole you couldn’t escape.
You can’t allow people to bleed all over the place you tirelessly cleansed with your sweat.
You can’t be fooled into drawing back to the pages you flipped over.
Never let your hands soothe their broken hearts in the name of love.
Remember what they say, hurt people hurt people.

Your hands are not mearnt to unpack people’s baggage, therapy is.
Your heart is not a home for broken hearts, the therapist’s office is.
Your love language will not mend their messed up life, self love can.
Your arms can never embrace their insecurities but their need for healing can.
Own your space, yes that tiny little space you created for yourself.
Fill that space with self love and deeply nourish it with your love language.

The Art of Healing

Have you ever reached the breaking point? Have you ever drown in a pity party? When you feel that you can’t bottle your emotions even for another second? You let your tears gush out along with a bunch of mixed emotions soaked in bloody red. You hear the growing voices of your insecurities silently killing your hopes, dreams and aspirations. That moment when you allow the ‘strong woman’ in you to crumble into small little pieces. You allow your emotions to taunt your soul and let those feelings of despair get the best of you. Your denial for reality starts to blur and every dark color becomes more clear and vibrant. 

When life tends to be nightmare, you curse destiny for being unfair to you and you alone in a world full of billion souls. You blame yourself for stupidly falling in love with a jerk that never considered  the depth of your affection. You regret the days when you got betrayed and fooled by the people you thought would cross oceans for you. You hate yourself for being a woman, a woman that society does not spare a second to look back at. You fail to forgive yourself for the mistakes that you did because you were both young and naive. 

But guess what hun, it is in those moments that you realize the part that says happiness is you and its fruits lie in the hands of the person staring in the mirror. It is in those tough days, that you begin to understand the fact that apologies do not bring closure; it is the forgiveness that you extend towards those who never asked for it, that makes you whole again. It is the self love you nurture that allows you to become free from the burden of self hate. It is in that heart breaking moments when the bitter truths of having the sole responsibility to nurse your wounds with the same longing you have for closure and healing starts to hit you. 

That’s the art of healing and the journey of becoming a better you is deeply inscribed in the same art. With time you will start to share your story with same amount of tears you dropped when you broken and defeated, but in this case the tears will be beautifully decorated with color and glitters. The art of healing allows you to open up on issues you never dared to disclose even in your craziest moments. You start to own the journey and whether you crawl, walk or run what matters the most is the healing it brings. Let the showers of healing roll over your heart, tackle one issue at a time, nurse one heartbreak each season and allow your soul to embrace all your flaws as you walk through the journey of becoming a healthy soul.