A letter to my crush

Scratch the fantasy, let's talk about the goosebumps and butterflies that hugs my tummy when l hear the sound of your voice. For me, it is the way you tone down your voice when you are speaking. I am in love with the voice that sings melodious songs and heals nations with spoken words.

Women’s Masterclass| 10 things women should never be apologetic for

Today we are going to focus on being unapologetic. Ladies it is very crucial to always keep it real 💯. At the end of this class l want you to be able to have a healthy relationship with the real you. You should be able to embrace yourself as a whole package not in bits and pieces. But you have to be willing to unlearn certain behaviors and embark on a transformational journey.

Becoming Patie| An Afro-feminist

The journey of becoming a strong woman, a woman of valor, who is constantly evolving for the best. I am outchea fighting for amplification of women voices, recognizing of women rights and dismantling patriarchy. I know l was called for this, called to ensure that women smile without hesitation and they got to laugh without withholding their inner feelings.

My favorite local food

I'm in a serious relationship with sadza🤩. I can have it anyday, anytime and anywhere. Add matemba (dried kapenta) and muboora (fresh pumpkin leaves) to that then l'm a gone girl. I literally love sadza rangu nematemba nemuboora/mutikiti.

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