I choose to challenge the voices that silence me

Silence can never be my portion in the face of social injustice and inequality. I know the pain of being silenced. I can't bear the burden of being the coolest woman in the room, it is too costly. Hence, l choose to challenge the voices that silence me!!!

Men are always loyal to their worth

Trust me, you can cry all you want with the, “After everything l did for him” narrative and he will still pack his bags, leave your sorry self and never lower the bar for you. If you cross the line, he will never hesitate to delete the cute selfies, forget the six course meals, flash every memory of you and go where he is appreciated.

Nurturing Self Intimacy

It’s never too late to pay attention to the little details that makes your face glow. It’s never to late to find personal reasons for smiling while gazing the stars. It’s never too late to find self satisfaction in chasing the the sun, dancing in the rain or picking flowers all by yourself.

5 Shona Proverbs

I applaud my grandmother for being my best Shona teacher of all time. She always spiced up our conversations with proverbs. Even when she would be giving me advice, l used to admire the depth of her love for our mother tongue through the use of these Proverbs. She taught me to be proud of our language.

Brand Ambassador| Woman Evolve

It is my utmost desire to represent a brand like Woman Evolve, a brand that seeks to bring change in the Christian lives of women. Nothing beats the feeling of working with a circle of sisters who want reach greater heights for God.

Dear African content creators

As a content creator you should embark on the journey of discovering your real voice and embracing that voice as well. If you stay true to yourself and uniquely craft your art,  people can never ignore your footprints.

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