5 Shona Proverbs

I applaud my grandmother for being my best Shona teacher of all time. She always spiced up our conversations with proverbs. Even when she would be giving me advice, l used to admire the depth of her love for our mother tongue through the use of these Proverbs. She taught me to be proud of our language.

Brand Ambassador| Woman Evolve

It is my utmost desire to represent a brand like Woman Evolve, a brand that seeks to bring change in the Christian lives of women. Nothing beats the feeling of working with a circle of sisters who want reach greater heights for God.

Dear African content creators

As a content creator you should embark on the journey of discovering your real voice and embracing that voice as well. If you stay true to yourself and uniquely craft your art,  people can never ignore your footprints.

4 Lessons that social media taught me

Whenever l talk about social media, my opinions are usually biased towards Twitter because l spend most of my time there. So be rest assured that most of the lessons are going to be derived from my experience on the blue bird app.

Women’s Masterclass| 10 things women should never be apologetic for

Today we are going to focus on being unapologetic. Ladies it is very crucial to always keep it real 💯. At the end of this class l want you to be able to have a healthy relationship with the real you. You should be able to embrace yourself as a whole package not in bits and pieces. But you have to be willing to unlearn certain behaviors and embark on a transformational journey.

Becoming Patie| An Afro-feminist

The journey of becoming a strong woman, a woman of valor, who is constantly evolving for the best. I am outchea fighting for amplification of women voices, recognizing of women rights and dismantling patriarchy. I know l was called for this, called to ensure that women smile without hesitation and they got to laugh without withholding their inner feelings.

My favorite local food

I'm in a serious relationship with sadza🤩. I can have it anyday, anytime and anywhere. Add matemba (dried kapenta) and muboora (fresh pumpkin leaves) to that then l'm a gone girl. I literally love sadza rangu nematemba nemuboora/mutikiti.

My voice

l am here to outpour my heart passionately. I want the traces of my pen to be vibrantly engraved in black and white. I want the whisper in throat to become a louding voice that society can not afford to tone down. I want to write so many untold stories that my black sisters can relate to, stories of love; justice; freedom and mental health.

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